Kompaniet: a design & art studio run by Sofia Almqvist, Stockholm. A table, stools, backpack, bicycle seat & accessories are here. See Blogroll for a link.


 Umami café Table and table top items, 2015 A café table with custom table top items in handmade ceramic and glass, that fit perfectly into the three dimensional structure. Umami café is a development of the project  Umami .  The table top items for Umami café are the same as for Umami.  Material: ash, steel, hand blown glass and ceramics Table: Ø 700 mm, h 720 mm Glass bowl, small: Ø 90 mm, h 60 mm Glass bowl medium: Ø 110 mm, h 70 mm Glass bowl, large: Ø 130 mm, h 85 mm Ceramic serving plate: Ø 195 mm, h 55 mm Photo: Petter Brandt



Umami Cafe table /

 Imprinta Sitting object, 2013 Imprinta is a result of using the textile material in a new way. Instead of upholster a seat with a ”ready made” textile, the concept offers the user to make its own pattern. The pattern is a sign for that the seat has been used. Consequently, the user make its own, personal print on the object. The user is a part of the object. The user is a co-designer of the object. The seat changes different from person to person. The user feels the breaking, hears the breaking and designs its own pattern. The covering, natural leather surface makes the underneath, changable construction more and more visible over time. Imprinta is a piece of art with a sitting opportunity. Every piece will be unique.  Material: powder coated steel, foam, stone plaster, leather h 455 mm, w 400 mm, d 400 mm Piece of art. Not in production. Photo: Jonatan Härngren




Imprinta stool /





Pom stools /





Bumling backpack /



Dropp collection /


 Korkad Bicycle saddle , 2012 In cooperation with Carl Cyrén  Korkad is created on the basis of the specific properties of the material cork - both the functional and visual. The bicycle saddle highlights some of cork’s properties, such as elasticity, impermeability, recyclability and durability. To get a more protective surface, the saddle is treated with hard wax oil. The treatment enhances the cork texture and gives a satin-like, warm feel. The natural, lively texture tends to make scratches and small marks disappear. Instead of destroying the material, they will become a part of its natural look. Material: cork Prototype. Not in production. Photo: Petter Brandt

Korkad seat

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