Analogue Life’s ‘ceramics & artisan made homewares from Japan.’ Items are available online + from their shop in Nagoya. See Blogroll for a link.

Hanging Lamp by Hiroyuki Watanabe /

Zogan Bowl by Yasuko Ozeki /

Plates, nickel silver, by Kanehen /

Kashiwan Oak Bowl by Kihachi Kobo /

Brass Roll Paper Holder by Chibu METAL Works & Design /

Iron Key Ring by Osamu Saruyama /

Wood Tray – Walnut by Yoshiyuki Kato /

Double Gauze Linen Face Towel by Une Place sur la Terre /

Pin cushions, handcrafted brass and copper by Saori Omomo /

Copper Pitcher by Masami Mizuno /

Spoon S by Yuichi Takemata /

Copper Tea Canister L by SSS /

Fish Pan. Nambu Ironware by Rikuchou Ogasawara /

Hira Nabe Iron Pan | Analogue Life Irons Pan /

Dessert knife & fork by Mitsuhiro Konishi

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