Beijing-based architect, Wang Shuo of META-Project & his intense consideration of urban evolvement: a watertower renovation, a beautiful courtyard & an architectural installation are here. Post 1 of 2.

West Water Tower Pavilion (Renovation) for VANKE China /

metaproject stylebyasia_metaproject_Beijing_1

metaproject stylebyasia_metaproject_Beijing_2

metaproject stylebyasia_metaproject_Beijing_4

metaproject stylebyasia_metaproject_Beijing_5

metaproject stylebyasia_metaproject_Beijing_6

metaproject stylebyasia_metaproject_Beijing_7

metaproject stylebyasia_metaproject_Beijing_8

‘Courtyard by the west sea’, Beijing,”is an attempt [at] what can be done between preservation and demolition.” See a video interview of Wang Shuo and a viewing of this project at: /

“Since 2012, the founder of META-Project, Wang Shuo and Architect Andrew Bryant have initiated and organized META:HUTONGS, an award winning, internationally-recognized research collaborative. It is sponsored by the Graham Foundation, as well as Mckinsey Urban China Initiative (UCI), to carry through 4 years and has exhibited at Beijing Design Week, Design Shanghai, and Venice Biennale.” Text from the site. Hutongs means alleyways in Beijing.  

“META-Project was invited to participate the AMI (Appropriate Mutate Innovate) exhibition during the Beijing Design Week 2013. The theme of the AMI exhibition was to showcase new designs, methods of fabrication and recycling or up cycling of commonly used and thrown away materials into designed objects.”

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