HypoSurface: A concept & prototype of a billowing display system from dECOi Architects, Boston. It is now being developed by an international team of consultants. See Blogroll for a link.

“HypoSurface is a versatile and hyper-effective display medium that is a pure people-magnet: Yet as a digital medium it is able to display any message or logo, all the more effective in their impact because of the surprise of their emergence from the fluid and luminous surface.

It can be used in trade shows to enhance a company’s image and message; as an interactive stage set; it’s for dancers and singers and DJs and VJs; it can be used as an outdoor billboard, pulsing with the city; it can be an interactive game – a total HypoSPACE; it can be HypoCeiling, it can be HypoFloor, it can be limitless, or small; it’s a Braille reader, or a dynamic mould; it tunes an auditorium, makes waves at a ballgame, sets children screaming with delight.” from the dECOi Architects site:  http://www.decoi-architects.org/

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