Ralf Holleis, Germany: his VRZ 2 BELT 3D printed titanium lugged carbon bike; 3d printed lamp; plywood furniture. See Blogroll for a link.

T4 Armchair: made of 4 pieces of plywood /

Hänger! lounge chair /

Kreislauf lamp: printed on a modified Rapman 3d Printr in PE, 100 is a lamp based on a simple curve.
The rotated 100% recyclable. /

LOOP: A plywood chair made of two pieces. NO glue and No screw is needed to bond both parts, they just clip into eachother. Also a similarly made table. /

VRZ 1. is a track bike frame with 3d printed titanium lugs glued together with carbon fiber tubes. Coating by EITEC; wheelset by LIGHTWIGHT; crank by THM; belt by GATES

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