Vlisco’s endeavour to build a collection of fabrics with stories from around the world. They are based in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. See Blogroll for a link.

Many years ago I traveled through Africa and was struck by the colourful and original fabrics made into kangas or fabric wraps that women and girls wore, both elegantly and naturally.  How well these fabrics reflected the vibrancy of their wearers, as if the fabric designers had an intimate understanding of them. Upon purchasing a few of the kangas, I discovered that the fabrics were actually made in Holland, many miles away. Coming upon the Vlisco website was an instant, fond, reminder of the day of my purchases and these wholly unselfconscious, free-moving, women.  Penny Jackson – Decanted. (Stories accompany the fabrics below on the Vlisco website.) /

La Famille / Happy Family – Wax Block pattern /

Image result for shell vlisco

Shell / Bunch of Bananas / Coquillage  /

Image result for Big Bible and Snail vlisco

Big Bible and Snail /

Related image

The Hand Main Daimand / Cinq Doights /

Image result for vlisco eyes

Eyes / L’Oeil de Boeuf /

Related image

Air Afrique /

Image result for vlisco Roller Skate

Roller Skate /

Image result for vlisco Record / Consulaire / Plaque-Plaque /

Record / Consulaire / Plaque-Plaque /

Image result for vlisco flying duck

Flying Duck /

Image result for vlisco Na You Biko

Na You Biko /

Image result for vlisco Grotto /Papa Ye Asa /

Grotto /Papa Ye Asa /

Hibiscus /

Good Living /


Image result for vlisco

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