Inventive & functional, digitally-created, movement-responsive lights, energy monitors for buildings, wall modules & customer-designed plates. A sample of the work of In-Flexions, France. See Blogroll for a link.

All text has been taken from the In-Flexions website /

Responsive Light: ‘The orientation and the color of the light are controlled by the actions of the user.’ /

Cutting Edge: Yingge Museum International Artists Residency Centre: ‘Cutting Edge focuses on customising existing digital tools as a means of creating new ways to design or modify objects. This implies a shift from conceiving unique objects to developing interactive systems where end-users can produce their own object.Cutting Edges aims to allow the public to easily ‘design’ a plate collection using a template on a tablet. The parameters that may be customized on the tablet include the number of plates in the collection, the width and breadth of the upper (smallest) and lowest (largest) plates.’ /

Back to Back: ‘Working in close association Ken, artist and Studio Technician of Yingge Museum International Artists Residency Centre, In-Flexions used a Kinect infrared projector and camera to record, track and interpret the hand gestures of the artist during the throwing process. These gestures were transformed in real-time into a three dimensional graphic landscape on the designer’s computer screen. Finally these three dimensional landscapes were converted into graphic icons and motifs and milled with a cnc machine into the bases of the same bisque platters.’ /


The Carte Blanche printed Habitat: ‘speculates on digital tools and [the] ability to develop a continuous chain from design to manufacturing by expanding its field of investigation to the frame : a speculation that challenges the traditional rules of interior design where structural work, finishing work and finishes merge with the most advanced 3D printing technologies. Thus, according to the configured variable wall thickness, taking into account the furniture and technical equipment , fine material layers are superimposed to create a custom layout that can modulate the course of realization. The piece presented here is a module – bedroom, shower, dressing – 4.65 to 2.20 metres’ /

Elipse: At the Yingge Museum International Artists Residency Centre. ‘This work draws upon investigations into glaze conductivity for electronics. Sensors in the glaze detect the electrical capacitance of the human touch and the lamp (which consists of an integrated string of fine led lights) turns on and off in a rotary manner. The lighting of the lamp occurs gradually, by moving the fingers along the rim of the inner bowl, from what would be the eastern cardinal point to the western cardinal point on a hypothetical compass face. This gesture recalls the cycle of the day, as well as an eclipse of an astral body’ /

Energy Clock: EDF R & D ‘This is a device developed in collaboration with EDF R&D, which allows [the viewer] to observe realtime energy consumption of a building in the different uses of retailer – for example, heating, computer or lighting’ /

Responsive Mirror from François Brument on Vimeo.

Responsive mirror ‘is a reflective surface composed of mobile hexagons whose faces are oriented by hand movements.  in collaboration with Luc Serreboubée’ /

Voca[lyse] ‘Furnishings sound interaction. Armchairs and table graphically reacting to their sound environment in real time. Presented as part of Designer’s Days 2011 in Paris for Maxalto Store’ /

Wall Paper Generator: ‘A computer program generating a wallpaper pattern which gradually expands from its center outwards’

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