Ines Esnal’s art installations allude to her architectural background. Based in N.Y., she is an architect, artist & collaborator with other architects. A link is under Blogroll.

Nube 2014 / On-site Installation in residential lobby at 160E 22nd st. in NYC. Wireframe drawing printed in glass /

Zimaa’s 2015 / On-site Installation in private residence in Tribeca NYC. Plexiglas colored shapes mobile in skylight /

Prism 2012 / On-site Installation. Mesh of coloured elastic cords within structure / residential building at 205 Water Street, Dumbo /

Magnet / 2011 / reversible serigraphy on mylar /

Manhattan / 2011 / drawing embossed with light on frame /

Traces  / 2009 / drawing blind embossed

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