Danish architects, Dissing + Weitling’s bridge design. They are based in Copenhagen. See Blogroll for a link.




Dissing + Weitling's bridge design

Bryggebroen (Quay Bridge), Copenhagen. 2006. The pivoting bridge stretches from Havneholmen to Islandsbrygge creating a short cut-for pedestrians and cyclists between two of the most recently developed harbour fronts of central Copenhagen. /



Hiroshima Peace Bridge The Heiwa-ohashi Pedestrian Bridge Design Proposal Competition. 2nd place /




Botniabanen Line, Nyeland-Umeå, Sweden. Under construction. Winners of  the international competition launched by the Swedish railroads, Banverket, for a system of short-span bridges for a 190 km high speed railroad between Nyland and Umeå in Northern Sweden. /




Køge North Station, Copenhagen. Under construction, completion 2018. The project consists of a 225 meter long pedestrian bridge, a station, an associated park and ride facility and a vision model for the incorporation of these elements into the landscape. /




Bridges in Qatar – Lusail, Doha. Under construction. In Doha – 21 km² of urban landscape spread over five artificial islands with luxury flats, offices, golf courses, beaches and first class hotels. /

 Tak til Ursula Bach for lån af billedet

Photographer: Rasmus Hjortshøj - COAST Studio

Photographer: Rasmus Hjortshøj - COAST Studio

 Tak til Ursula Bach for lån af billedet

Cykelslangen, or the ”The Bicycle Snake”, Copenhagen. 2014. A 230 m long sky bridge which offers a short cut to Bryggebroen.

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