2 advances in lighting: Rohinni’s printable, light-emitting – Lightpaper; IDEO’s Creative Technology Studio’s interactive chandelier – Elton. See Blogroll for links.

Text has been taken from the Rohinni & IDEO sites /

Rohinni's light emitting Lightpaper

Rohinni is based in Idaho. They foresee their Lightpaper having applications in phones, cars, interior design, amongst many other possibilities /

Gallery Image

Gallery Image

EDISON from IDEO on Vimeo.

‘Edison is a kinetic lighting installation for the Ephinany Hotel, San Alto, which can physically mimic the movement of people walking up the spiral staircase below it, for example, or ramp up its movement in the evenings as the hotel’s bar and restaurant buzz with activity. Edison can also link up to other sorts of data streams. It could jiggle with life when someone mentions the hotel on social media, perhaps, or adjust its movement to reflect the day’s weather in Palo Alto.’

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