Stimulating & beautiful products from Chao Chen, a student of industrial design at Royal College of Arts, London. See Blogroll for a link.

Humidity reactive surface: the laminated water-reacting tiles close to prevent water penetration /

& open when dry. Bio-mimicry of the humble pinecone /

Light the match, then Guido`s story is on. ‘The first project in Platform 18 (RCA Design Products) required me to design a product which literally fits in a matchbox.  As the presentation day is exactly 5/11, Guido Fawkes Day, I made a mini folding-theater telling the story of Guido Fawkes in this tiny matchbox.’ /

Wuxi Cultural Products: series of office supplies, presenting the culture of Wuxi /

Lake Series Mini Tray part of the Wuxi Cultural Products /

Moon & Spring Lamp from Wuxi Cultural Products:  ‘ The light spot on it looks like the reflection of the moon.’ /

Mountain Series Document Holder / Vase / Bookend series of office supplies from Wuxi Cultural Products /

Zisha Pottery Set /

Food Filter /

Leave Lamp: ‘The laminated leaves generates a gradual change from bright to dark’ /

Shower Head for Duschy /

Rendering (only) of the Levo Desktop Clock for Beyond Object /

Rendering (only) of the Cantili Tape Dispenser for Beyond Object’s Desktop Collection: produced whilst Chao Chen was an intern at Poetic-Lab)

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