The Nikon-Walkley Awards 2015 (Australia) for photojournalism: finalists & the winners who have already been announced. See Blogroll for a link.

Text taken from the Nikon-Walkley site /

‘Emma Drummond, an 18­-year-­old mother, diagnosed recently with a rare form of bone cancer. Feeding and soothing her crying baby is very difficult as the cancer has turned Emma’s hip to “chalk” and she relies on crutches.’ Sylvia Liber. Winner: Nikon-Walkley Community/Regional Prize /

‘Nine­-year-­old surfer Oceanna Rogers aspires to be a world champion and is one of the country’s best up-­and-­coming surfers. She rode her first wave three years ago and is now competing on the Wahu.’ Sylvia Liber. Winner: Nikon-Walkley Community/Regional Prize /

Rite of Passage series. ‘The annual “Schoolies” festival celebrated at the start of every summer by tens of thousands of Australian teenagers determined to enjoy a week-long high school graduation party.’ Nic Walker. Category: Feature/Photographic Essay /

‘Chapandazes battle over the headless carcass of a goat in a buzkashi match on Kabul’s northern outskirts. The aim is to get it round a flag and into a white circle. The sport is said to date back to when Genghis Khan’s marauding forces made their way across Asia.’ Andrew Quilty. Category:  Press Photographer of the Year /

Saving Ava: Terminally ill Michelle Buchholtz, who is battling bone cancer, needed to deliver Ava at 29 weeks because doctors feared she wouldn’t survive full­term pregnancy. Lying in a neck brace with fractures caused by the tumours, Buchholtz needs the nurses to hold baby Ava up to her face so she can see her, as partner and dad Alex Ansalone looks on crying into praying hands.’ David Caird: Category: Press Photographer of the Year 2015 /

Carousel Judith: ‘Proving the Carnival is not over, folk singing legend Judith Durham from The Seekers rode a carousel horse like a rodeo rider for the Victorian Living Treasures lift­out.’ David Caird. Category: Photographer of the Year 2015 /

Oculi serie.; ‘Yazidi woman with her family after escaping ISIS capture.’ Andrew Quilty. Category: Photographer of the Year 2015 /

The home straight. The Melbourne cup of the Outback series. Adam Taylor : Category Sport Photography /

The Reality of  the Kennedy Hill series. ‘The struggles faced by remote Aboriginal communities undergoing the hardships that stem from dislocation.’ Ingetje Tadros: Category: Feature/Photographic Essay /

Adam Houda: “See you in Court”. Nic Walker’s cinematic portrait of Adam Houda, a prominent Sydney criminal lawyer who has represented (Sydney siege gunman) Man Haron Monis and other high profile defendants.’ Nic Walker: Winner: Nikon-Walkley Portrait Prize /

Into the Arms of Safety: ‘Jieun ”April” Bae, a staff member at the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place, Sydney, runs into the arms of tactical police after escaping the hostage situation.’ Rob Griffith: Category: News Photography /

Riding High: ‘Racehorses in training for the Autumn Carnival swimming in the stillness of dawn against a backdrop of planes at Sydney Airport.’ Brett Costello: Category: Sport Photography /

‘The Royal Perth Hospital Emergency Department. A young man is brought to the Emergency Department at Royal Perth in a state of psychosis and is treated by the medical crew. It took nine hospital staff, including full-­time security personnel, to restrain the man.’ Gary Ramage: Winner: Nikon-Walkley Photo of the Year

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