Contemporary western architectural influence in Africa remains contentious as the continent moves at a measured pace

Below are some recent projects in Africa by African and international architects which seem to respect this pace, the values of the occupants of the space being provided, and the land that these spaces sit within /  links are contained within the post /


Konokono Vaccination Centre, Turkana, Kenya, by SelgasCano and Ignacio Peydro and built by students in Jose Selga’s MIT unit  – /

Ahmed Baba Institute

Ahmed Baba Institute

Ahmed Baba Institute

The newest building of the Ahmed Baba Institute, Timbuktu, Mali by DHK Architects, Cape Town –

© Iwan Baan

THREAD Artist Residency & Cultural Centre, Sinthian, Senegal by Toshiko Mori, New York –  ( /

dhk_WMI overall view

dhk_WMI evening view

dhk_WMI democratice space

Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace & Environmental Studies, Nairobi, Kenya Competition entry by DHK Architects –

(not so recent but including) The Mapungubwe Interpretation Centre, The Mapungubwe National Park, Limpopo, South Africa by Peter Rich Architects, Johannesburg –

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