Story telling made large: French artist, YZ (or Yseult Digan) produces large Chinese ink & collage works on craft paper. See Blogroll for a link.

Text taken from Yseult Digan’s site /


The Bridge at the Urban Art Festival, Montreal:  Work inspired by Bouguereau: Love & Psyche collage, ink, china acrylic spray /

A London Adventure: Chinese ink. part of London Series “Lost in the City”.  A London Adventure is a portrait of a stroll though districts of London /

From ‘Lost in the City of Paris’ and the ‘Lost in the City’ series is a journey through contemporary cities, speaking of the past, present and future /

The ‘Amazon’ project honours African women warriors. They are historical references to the army of highly qualified military women (6,000) of the first Franco-Dahomean war in 1890, fighting the French. The Amazon project was produced in the streets of Dakar, M’Bour & Saly, Senegal /

Gather the Rose of Love @ Sancerre: part of a joint project around the poem Gather the Rose of Love by Edmund Spenser: China ink painted on collage of paper silk.  In the heart of historical Sancerre, France, a discreet door opens to unexpected space & architecture, charged with stories: an old cinema, ballroom with a history of ghosts or cabaret mystique /

Background @ Epinal: part of a collective exhibition, La Lune en Parachute, Epinal, France /

Women from another Century @ Paris: part of a group exhibition, Galerie La Tour, Paris

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