Julie Mehretu was born in Ethiopia & lives in NY. Her layered, calligraphic, paintings include aerial map & architectural motifs. Images selected from a number of sources.

Julie Mehretu: Highlife (of Graceland after C. Abani). 2006. Ink and acrylic on canvas. 72 × 96 in. White Cube.:

Highlife (of Graceland after C. Abani /

Julie Mehretu: The Contemporary Sublime:

The Contemporary Sublime /

Julie Mehretu--Detail of "Berliner Plätze", 2008-2009, Ink and acrylic on canvas, 10' x 14':

Detail of “Berliner Plätze” /

Berliner Platze detail /

Julie Mehretu Enclosed Resurgence 2001 ink & acrylic on canvas 48 x 60 inches:

Enclosed Resurgence /

Excerpt (Battle Track) /

Middle Grey /

Excerpt (Riot)

Goldman Sachs mural, New York /

Julie Mehretu's paintings

Excerpt (Battle Track) /

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