Kostas Manolidis is an architectural practice based in Volos, Greece: some of their considered, beautifully rendered, competition entries / project concepts. See a link to the *Divisare site under KM under Blogroll.

For more background information and the thoughts of Kostas Manolidis, who is Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture at the University of Thessaly – go to: http://www.arch.uth.gr/en/staff/K_Manolidis and http://www.edafologion.blogspot.com/

All text included here are the words of Kostas Manolidis and are taken from the Divisare site. *Unless you already have knowledge of it, I have now opened your eyes to the brilliant Divisare site on architecture, architectural elements & materials /

Museum for Argo competition:  ‘The ancient and modern shipbuilding traditions along with the Argonautic expedition are the two themes that constitute the museological structure supporting the central exhibit of the modern Argo ship.’ /

Bolonga Shoah Memorial competition / ‘The pattern of the graves inscribed on the floor is animated by the shifting light stains that reproduce – gradually displaced and distorted – the same pattern. That activity of the sunlight along with the doubling of the graves on the roof voids is stimulating. It establishes a connection between the ground and the sky, between the grief and the soothing light, between the holocaust scars and the tears of the rain.’ /

A Study in Erosion project:  This project attempts to reimagine the architectural validity and the material connotations of this solitary piece of land. To this end, the artificiality of the platform is hybridized with the fragmentary quality of a weathered rock formation. The proposal aspires to a silence charged with tension. It wishes to establish a fragile equilibrium of a collapsed order and a meaningful chaos.’

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