Layered acrylic & light: the holographic effect of Canadian, David Spriggs’ art. His recent & some older pieces are here. See Blogroll for a link.

All text has been taken from David Spriggs’ site /

Image result for david spriggs regisole


Image result for david spriggs regisole

 David Spriggs – Regisole from David Spriggs on Vimeo.

Regisole – Sun King. 2015. 3D installation artwork, acrylic spray paint on layers of transparent film, springs, t-bars, lighting. Digital modelling by Ian Spriggs /

Related image

David Spriggs – The Visible Spectrum from David Spriggs on Vimeo.

The Visible Spectrum: 2015. 4 minute loop. A digital video projection installation which first premiered at Arsenal Montreal for Spriggs solo exhibition PRISM. 3D modeling by David and Ian Spriggs. The Visible Spectrum refers to the portion of the electromagnetic waves that can be perceived by the human eye, notably in contrast to the spectrum that can be identified with the use of technology /

Transparency Report: Engravings on 9 sheets of tempered glass layered and spaced in transparent plexi-glass display units /

Vision: Acrylic paint on multiple sheets of transparent film in display case. A tension created between form & emptiness /

Holocene: Acrylic on White acrylic paint on layered sheets of transparent film, L-bars, brackets springs, lighting installation premiere at the Prague Biennale 5, Prague. Referencing the geological epoch, the Holocene Era.

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