Portuguese practice, Camarim Arcquitectos: a splayed hillside house, a 5-storey house lit through its atrium, an ingenious, space-modifying apartment. See Blogroll for a link.

Casa na Gateira, Portugal: ‘every space sits on a different level and has direct access to the outside’ /

Casa no Principe Real, Lisbon: ‘each floor has a different function and layout and all floors connect through a vertical atrium of variable geometry, providing a naturally-lit cadenced, progressive route’ /

Above: flexible stair access

DGI extension & renovation of an apartment:  ‘Our client wanted to enlarge his 2-bedroom apartment and so he acquired 2 more apartments in the same building – one above and one on the side – with the aim of joining them as one with more generous and flexible social and intimates spaces. …all spaces [are] in a linear sequence, divided by filters adjusted to each condition: reflective glass, transparent glass, translucent curtains and black-out curtains’

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