Canadian artist, Cheryl Wilson Smith’s tissues of glass. Her work results from exploration of the granite rocks of the Canadian Shield & the Boreal Forest near her home. See Blogroll for a link.

1.c wilson smith_ 2013_ Winter's Breath_ glass 6x5x7 inches.jpg

Winter’s Breath /

2.c wilson smith_ 2013 _ Winter's Heart_ glass_ _6x4x7 inches.jpg

Winter’s Heart /

3.c wilson smith_ 2013_ Winters' Touch_ Glass_ 4x4x3 inches.jpg

Winter’s Touch /

16. c wilson smith_ Layers of Autumn_glass_4x4x3 inches_2014.JPG

Layers of Autumn /

cwilsonsmith_Barneach Tra_4x4x4_2015.JPG

Barneach Tra /

5.cwilson smith_ 2014_ Winters' Broch _2013_ 5X4 inches.jpg

Winter’s Broch/

Agus /

7.c wilson smith_ 2013_ Winter's Granite_ Glass_ 8x8x6 inches.jpg

Ganite Lichen /cwilson smith Dearag Carraig.JPG

Dearag Carraig /

C wilson smith_ woodland airc_ 2014 7%22x10%22x9%22.jpg

Woodland Airc /

c wilson smith_ Baideal Airc_ 2015_ 17 x30x30cm.JPG

c wilson smith_Baideal Airc_2015_17x30x30.JPG

Badeal Airc /

c wilson smith_ Coral Tra _2015_12x12x10.JPG

Coral Tra

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