The innovative, playful, quirky, promotional & advertising campaigns of the much-awarded group, Drill, Tokyo. A link to their site is under Blogroll.

Rice Mapping from Drill Tokyo on Vimeo.

RICE MAPPING in Milano Salone.  The exhibition held on Tokyo Design Week in Milan, April, 2015. “Concept: In Japan, rice is more than a mere food source. It has spiritual significance for the Japanese due to its use as an offering to deities in rituals and ceremonies. We took on the challenge of distilling Japanese aesthetics onto this cultural symbol. We created the world’s smallest projection mapping that brings together Japan’s ancient values and state-of-the-art technology. As it is being viewed, the texture of the “rice” begins to change so that it is no longer just rice. This reflects the ancient Japanese belief in shogyo mujo (the impermanence of worldly things), which is embodied in the saying: “all creation is infinitely transitory with forms and values changing in each moment.” /

Music video for OK Go’s new song, “I Won’t Let You Down.” “This rock band from Chicago, USA, has made a name for themselves with their creative and unique music videos” /

“A red-armored “Red Samurai” and three black-clad “Ninja” wage a football chase through the backstreets of Manchester, England, to arrive at the holy land of football—Old Trafford. Not using any CGI, only the freestylers’ techniques came into play to create this footage. They showcased their “final battle” before a live audience of 75,000 in the center of the Old Trafford pitch during the actual half-time of a Premier League Manchester United vs. QPR game” /


Osaka Gas, Double Power Generation: “This campaign aimed to increase diffusion of residential fuel cell cogeneration system “Ene-Farm,” residential gas-engine cogeneration system “ECOWILL,” and “Double Power Generation.” (Double Power Generation combines Ene-Farm and ECOWILL with photovoltaic power generation.) We redefined customers who generate electricity at home as “Generator Families.” Though the amount of electricity generated by each house is not much, when the circle of “Generator Families” widens, a substantial amount of energy can be generated. This would contribute toward solving Japan’s energy and environmental issues. We selected actor Takao Osawa as the lead promoter to spread this plan throughout the Kansai area. In the CM, Takao Osawa and 1000 “Generator Families” gathered together their generated electricity to create a large illuminated musical composition” /

"森の木琴" NTT docomo TOUCH WOOD SH-08C

“A promotional video for the “TOUCH WOOD SH-08C,” a mobile phone made from forest-thinning materials. This video of a gigantic 44-meter long wooden xylophone playing Bach’s Cantata 147 (“Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”) won Cannes Gold Lions for Film Craft and Cyber, along with awards from Spikes Asia, ACC, and the Good Design Award” /


“The “Girl’s Savvy Travelers Club,” a Facebook page specializing in overseas travels from a female perspective, was launched to cater to the “Girl’s Travels” style trending with women in their twenties and thirties” /

Kitte: “The fireworks is a summer tradition , fireworks installation that expresses the motif of the water and light “water fireworks “. First floor and a basin that spreads to , to do so and light co- spread to the upper floors, ingenious fireworks of Kitte original went up out in the atrium”

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