Suzanne Tick’s products, designed for Teknion, Knoll & Tandus Centiva, are a small remove from her own woven fibre art. She lives in NY. See Blogroll for a link.

Skyline Glass /

Cambridge Metal Mesh /

Hard Surfaces: Knoll Textiles Imago /

Panel upholstery for Teknion /

Drapery for Knoll /

Upholstery for Knoll /

Screenplay Series Wallcovering for Knoll /

Open Weave Structures for Knoll /

Tandus Centiva Broadloom /

Tandus Centiva, Substrate: “a durable luxury vinyl tile that brings the look of an architectural textile. A new material for the floor plane developed with the Japanese concept of finding singular beauty in the transient nature of pared down objects” /

Fire island wall piece /

Salvage /

Crossform woven fibre optics /

Sail Cloth woven fibre optics

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