A student of design in Paris & England, Piergil Fourquie’s design pathway has led to the design of mirrors, screens, tables, shelving & beautiful fans. A link to his site is under Blogroll.


Le Clubs, 2013: “A set of four mirrors with rounded shapes that can be taken in hand or hang on the wall” /



Maiko, 2013: “The modern Maiko fan is 3D printed. The material (polyamide) looks like a biscuit ceramic and is held with a small piece of wood painted with custom colours” /



Muse, 2013: “The Hairdresser is a piece of furniture that is related to the privacy of hand function” /




Paon, 2013: A mobile screen that redesigns a space. “Its small footprint allows it to be easily set up in any room to create space or intimacy” /

HIP Table

Hip table, 2011: “Picking up the lines of “bistro table” (round table and a central foot weighted) with “Hip table” we can compose our ideal table: /


Totem’ hall elements: “Totem is a series of six objects that are usually found in the hall: a mirror, a set of occasional tables, a flower pot holder and a coat stand”

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