LIFT Architects, Boston, aim to improve the tools humans use to interface with their natural, built and socially-constructed environments. A link to their site is under Blogroll.

All text taken from LIFT Architects’ site /

Rendering of the Air Flow(er) deployed as an automatic thermally responsive opening in either a double or single skin facade system.  

Air Flower_module_composite.jpg

Four Leaf Prototype_01.jpg

The Air Flower The Air Flow(er) is an energy independent thermally active ventilation device which behaves like a flower /

Depth is created by projecting images onto the layered fabric of the projection surface.

 Tulle is lightweight net-like fabric traditionally used in wedding veils and other ornamental garments.

Projection One from Andy Payne on Vimeo. An Interactive Art Installation by Andrew Payne and Eddy Man Kim

Projection One: An interactive art installation unveiled at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design in 2011. Conceived and built by Andrew Payne and Eddy Man Kim. Projection One used rotated light-weight strips of fabric to create a three dimensional projection surface.We would like to thank  Panagiotis Michalatos for his support during this project.  All of the visualizations were developed as scripts written in C# and used several of the Sawapan motion and audio libraries /

Overview shot.jpg

Interior shot_color correct.jpg

Corner Closeup_01.jpg

Flux InstallationOrganized by the California College of the Arts Media Lab in 2009. Architecture in a Parametric Landscape was an exhibition that presented over fifty built and experimental architectural projects that explored eight thematic categories. /  CCA Architecture/Media Lab / Organized by the California College of the Arts Media Lab in 2009 / Director of Architecture: Ila Berman /Project Coordinator and Media Lab Director: Andrew Kudless /Installation Design Concept: Kory Bieg, Andre Caradec, Andrew Kudless, Andrew Payne and Ila Berman /Exhibition Curation: Andrew Kudless with Ila Berman and Marc Fornes / Parametric Design Consultant: Andrew Payne / Sponsors: Solid Thinking, K Bieg Design, SUM Arch, Vogue Graphics /

DSC_3578_color correct.jpg

Surface Patterns: (the final piece is milled out of a half size sheet (72″x30″) of Corian) out of something that is very very small.  To get the desired relief pattern, I used a 3/4″ V-bit endmill on the CNC mill so that the circle diameter had a linear relationship to the depth of the plunge.  Below are some process images showing the original source image and the step needed to take it into final fabrication using the ShopBot Writer definition I developed for this project.

Photo my Mathew Millman

Photo my Mathew Millman

Suspended ceiling during installation

Walls built using 2x4's and mason jars held pickle recipes that each visitor could take home with them as a starter pickling kit.

Walls built using 2×4’s and mason jars held pickle recipes that each visitor could take home with them as a starter pickling kit

Pickle Pavilion  / Architect: Sagan Piechota Architects / Location: San Francisco, CA United States / Date: 2008 / Project Architect: Andrew Payne / Design Team: Mike Eggers, Andrew Payne, Vivian Hsu, Ben Frombgen, Jeremy Tsai, Rich Porter, Charlotte Hofstetter, Daniel Piechota, and Loring Sagan / Food Curator: Michelle Fuerst / Fabricator/Contractor: Tre Graff, Jeff Crespo
Professional Photography: Matthew Millman /  Sponsors: Jarden Home Brands, Velcro USA, Alexander Valley, Gourmet, Burley Clay, Koda farms, Lotus Foods, and Highway One Properties /




Synthetic Landscapes: Experiment with a range of digital production tools, and to design and fabricate a unique set of components that negotiate a range of material gradients across a field condition.  Consultants: Gregory Luhan (ACSA/ACADIA organizer) / Workshop Instructors: Gil Akos, Kyle Miller, Ronnie Parsons, Andy Payne

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