A wide field of focus is important to JP Paul’s life, & purpose in his art. As a writer & mixed media artist, he works in 8 countries to broaden his horizons. See Blogroll for a link.

All text taken from JP Paul’s site /

C05 - Fruitless Journey - 75x110cm

C04 - The Gift - 75x110cm

C03 - Compromised - 75x110cm

C02 - Let it Pass - 75x110cm

Compromised series /

Indigo Series

Indigo Series

Indigo Series

Indigo Series

Indigo (Inc.) series: “Digital collages printed as sections on acetate and transferred using alcohol gel and transparent medium to hand-prepared substrates.Figures were produced with a 3D modeling program named DAZStudio. Further manipulation, painting and drawing were performed on an Android tablet and Photoshop CS5 on a Macbook Pro” /

S001 - The Consequence of Truth

S002 - And the Children?

S004 - Portrait Down

S008 - A Study of Intransigence

S009 - Sightseers of Our Twilight

S011 - Curtain Politics of the Final Hurrah

Screens series: “Acetate & gel medium transfer onto hand-prepared cloth sheeting” /




Neuron Forests series: “Digital montage plus analog/digital drawing over neuron images” /

B3-La Huella-106x160cm


Buildings series

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