Precast concrete initiatives: TOPOCAST LAB, together with the University of Texas, have designed & consulted on projects such as light screens, modular walls with & without planter & solar panel functionality. See Blogroll.

All text has been taken from the TOPOCAST Lab site. ‘TOPOCAST is a design and consultation office focused on the implementation of innovative methods in casting through the application of digital fabrication technologies.   Brad Bell, Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Texas Arlington’ /

‘Casr Soleil by Alexei Dukov & Adam Heisserer –  Developed using pre-cast hydrostone as the primary construction material, this project is a functioning brise soleil and an exploration of two sided molds’ /

Mirabeau B.

‘The Mirabeau B Project is a collaboration between the artist, Randy Twaddle, and TOPOCAST. Starting from an original 2D work provided by Randy, TOPOCAST was brought in to transform the piece into a 3D surface. The surface was then transformed into a 20” x 20” tile that could be repetitively cast. The final installation is a 25′ long wall for a lobby in the Mirabeau B residences in Houston, TX. Project Team: Brad Bell, Jacob Narvaez’ /

Mirabeau B_design phase

‘We initiated the design process from an original 2D work provided by the artist Randy Twaddle.  Working within the digital environment of Rhino we transformed the image into a 3D surface using t-splines’ /

‘Poly Planter: Gaby Lollar, Justin Lowery, Kristen Perkins    Poly Planter is a modular livable wall system that explores the manipulation of a triangulated hexagon form.  As the regular hexagon has all sides of the same length, with internal angles are 120 degrees, the triangle contains a vertex at the center of the hexagon and share one side with the hexagon establishing both geometric and structural equilibrium’ /

Hustle and Flow

‘Hustle and Flow is one of several non-standard modular wall systems produced by TOPOCAST LAB’ /

Aggregate Nuclei

Aggregate Nuclei is one of several non-standard modular light screen systems produced by TOPOCAST LAB /


TriFecta is one of several non-standard modular light screen systems produced by TOPOCAST LAB /

Hexagonal Twist

Hexagonal Twist is one of several repetitive cast projects produced by TOPOCAST LAB /


‘The examination of the solar panel provides an opportunity to coordinate the geometry of the precast panel to very specific data. Optimal performance of the solar panel requires precise alignment with correct sun angles’ /

‘Philodendron by Sylvia Baumgartner & Ian Gillis – Philodendron is an attempt at using natural elements to inspire the design of a functional shading wall system’

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