Architect & ex-Peace Corps volunteer, Jon (Twingi) Sojkowski of South Carolina, has set up the site, ‘African Vernacular Architecture Database’, following his own research in Africa. A link is under Blogroll.

Malawi Kandewe bridge

Malawi Kandewe Bridge /

Rwanda Kings Hut interior (submitted by Larsen Payá)2

Rwanda Kings Hut (submitted by Larsen Payá)5

Rwanda King’s Hut interior / exterior /

niger flickr Peace Corps

Niger /

Egypt Flickr David Haberlah

Egypt Flickr David Stanley

Egypt /

Libya Flickr Exodus Travels

Libya Flickr gordontour2

Libya /

Chad Flickr 10b traveling2

Chad /

Ivory Coast Flickr courregesg1

Ivory Coast /

Guinea-Bissau Flickr TRANSAFRICA TOGO

Guinea Bissau /

Mauritania Pinterest

Mauritania Flickr Ursula

Mauritania /

Benin Tata somba 1 (submitted by Kamirou Lafia Yarou)

Benin tata somba /

Namibia Flickr Beverly Houwing

Namibia the villagers were very creative people. Almost all the door houses were brightly painted (submitted by Gentiana Iacob)

Namibia /

Senegal Flickr hn

Senegal /

Swaziland Cultural village www.swazilandarchitecture (1)

Swaziland www.swazilandarchitecture (6)

Swaziland Cultural Village /

Tunisisa Flickr neville.constantine

Tunisia /

Zimbabwe Flickr Juan Carlos Molina Giménez


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