Future tech: 3d CAD (Computer Aided Design), 3d weaving, 3d painting & a light capturing lamp: Oluwaseyi Sosanya’s compelling work with other collaborators on this technology. See Blogroll for a link.

All text has been taken from Oluwaseyi Sosanya’s site: SOSA Fresh




Gravity – 3D Sketching from GravitySketch on Vimeo.

Gravity Sketch: Team: Guillaume Couche, Daniela Paredes Fuentes, Pierre Paslier, Oluwaseyi Sosanya. Film by Gravity Sketch. “Today computer aided design (CAD) software are the leading tools in 3D content generation. The problem here is unlike more physical mediums; CAD generates perfect shapes that don’t leave room for the imperfection of your early modeling to allow imagination to keep influencing the idea. CAD requires thinking in terms of functions and variables. This is where imagination is defeated. There is much lost in the process of moving from 2D to 3D. This is where we found our innovation space.”  See http://www.gravitysketch.com/ for more on this project  /


SOSA FreshCenterpiece-at-Night


The Centrepiece: In collaboration with Sabina  Sabina Weiss and Zuzanna Weiss.  “The Centerpiece is a lamp that controls light with two think cones allowing only a limit amount out at the users need. The form and user interaction plays with the idea of curiosity.” /





3D WEAVER from Zuzanna Weiss on Vimeo.

3D Weaver: Oluwaseyi Sosanya. Filmed by Zuzanna Weiss. “The 3D weaver is a loom specially designed for weaving in three dimensions. These are the primary early-explored structures that have many applications in medical, architecture, vehicle, aerospace, and sportswear industries.” /


3D Painter from Guillaume Couche on Vimeo.

3D Painter: Group project: Nell Bennett, Yea Won Choi, Guillaume Couche, Oluwaseyi Sosanya. “The 3D-Painter is a concept project which came out of a brief to develop a disruptive product for the domestic printing market.”



FLOE from Ozgun Kilic on Vimeo.

Animation: Ozgun Kilic in collaboration with Meira

Floe: Collaborative project by 4 artists at the Royal College of the Arts, 2014. “Exhibited at Tate Modern, Floe, embodies the shape and movement of ice drifting on the surface of the North Atlantic. The glass structure is combined with a simple wave movement and light bringing life to the piece. An interactive element was essential to the project; the audience influences the movement and light intensity with their presence.”

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