Colour layering: SIREWALL’s insulated rammed earth structural wall system, provides ‘the strength & beauty of sedimentary sandstone’. They are based in Canada. See Blogroll for a link.

All text in this post is taken from the SIREWALL website

Edmonton Valley Zoo, Edmonton, Alberta: Architect / Designer: DIALOG, Builder: Terra Firma /

Modular Pavilion, Shanghai, China: Architect / Designer: AOO, Builder: SIREWALL China /


Grand Beach Washrooms, Grand Beach, Manitoba: Architects / Designers: MMP Architects Inc., Builders: Terra Firma /

Start Colonnade,  Spokane, Washington: Architect / Designer: Kirkwood Rodell Architect
‘Three colors of rammed earth were used here, in varying hues (one primary color, two accent colors).
The colors were laid up at consistent elevations across the site, so the horizontal banding patterns that are characteristic of rammed earth carry through all of the individual elements such as columns like the grain on a single slab of wood, lending an almost archeological feel to the place.’ /

Vidal Sassoon, China: Architect / Designer: AOO, Builder: SIREWALL China /

NK’Mip Desert Cultural Centre, Osoyoos, British Columbia: Architect / Designer: Hotson Bakker Boniface Haden (HBBH), Builder: Terra Firma Builders, Contractor: Greyback Construction

‘Largest insulated rammed earth wall in the world: 80m long, 5.5m high and 600mm thick
Wall is created of 150mm- to 200mm-high lifts inside 600mm- wide forms
Thermal resistance of the wall is R33
Wall is heavily reinforced and utilizes HSS frames cast in at 1200mm on centre to hang the section above the slot window from the roof slab
Weather conditions and extreme temperature ranges were a significant consideration (-30°C to +40°C)
Few control joints and very minimal non-structural random cracking’

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