Seher Shah’s architectural & fine arts training combine to deftly express the iconographic in architecture in her drawings & installations. See a link to her site under Blogroll.

Constructed Landscapes: ‘Geometric Landscapes & the Spectacle of Force. Shah incorporates elements of architecture, redrawn historical imagery, and the repetition of structural forms to create these spectacle’ /

Radiant Lines: Capitol Complex /

Radiant Lines: Mammoth /

Radiant Lines: Study for a Totem /

Radiant Lines: Unit Object /

Radiant Lines Series: ‘drawings, prints and photographic light boxes, continuing her investigation into idealized modernist projects and exploration of the formal and visceral qualities of Brutalist architecture in its relationship to landscape’ /

Brute Ornament: Emergent Structures /

Brut Ornament: Unit Object /

Brute Ornament: Object Relic (Unite d’Habitation) /

Brute Ornament: working with Kamrooz Aram, ‘explores the conflicted relationship between the decorative tradition of ornament and Western modernism, revealing the constitutive role that ornament played in the development of modern art in the West, specifically in the move towards pure abstraction that was modernism’s endgame.’ /

Object Anxiety: Cross Conference Scheme /

Object Anxiety: Structured Landscape /

Object Anxiety: ‘exploration of architectural modernism, specifically, new Brutalism’s engineered social spaces and urban environments.’ /

Paper to Monument: Ornamental Age /

Paper to Monument II /

Paper to Monument: Surface to Monument /

Paper to Monument: ‘Shah’s work portrays the organic amalgam of recreating the historical and the personal by synthesizing location and sentiment into a kinetic alternate space of memory; memory which makes no distinction between public and private happenings.’

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