Well known in Britain: the Margo Selby brand of furnishings, primarily textiles but also carpet, rugs, linen & some furniture. See Blogroll for a link.

Inspiration 1

Quirky B Fair Isle Annie Carpet: Tessuto Interiors, Private Residence London /

Quirky Shuttle Silas Carpet /

Rosa Fabric /


Atomic Fabric curtains /

Iceni Fabric /

Inspiration12Dogstar Fabric coverlet /

Bindi Fabric /

Wallpaper: Grass Green and Silver /

Berlin Rug /

Jiva Sofa in Woodbridge /

Nutcracker Fabric /

Wallpaper: Peach and Pewter Pewter /

Projects 5 British Museum Project London

Bespoke fabric for the British Museum /

Galeano Fabric /

Velvet Throw Fern China /

Dune Short Cross-Over Jacket /

Fitzgerald Fabric /

Auckland Fabric /

Velvet Throw Chester Turquoise

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