Young graphic designer, Helen Mak, UK, is starting out with these works after graduating from Norwich University of the Arts in 2014. See Blogroll for a link.


Page 18.jpg

Page 24.jpg

test 2.jpg

Thorns Shop & Thorns Editorial: ‘Thorns is the last independent DIY store in Norwich, England and it is situated in the heart of city centre’ /

CC - 1.jpg

CC - cranberry.jpg

CC - print 1.jpg

Co Couture: ‘Packaging for Co Couture, a fine chocolate business in Ireland who makes luxurious chocolates’ /

Sourz JPEG - 1.jpg

Sourz JPEG - 2.jpg

Sourz JPEG - 6.jpg

Sourz JPEG - 10.jpg

Sourz JPEG - 4.jpg

Sourz Tempter: ‘Brief – Base your packaging using the inspiration of ‘sin’ or ‘obscure’.’ 2014 /

BC - box and set.jpg

BC - front covers.jpg

BC - close up.jpg

Forgotten Voices book series are books that tell the different accounts of people that survived the war /




Middle Ages Series of books

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