2 artists showing their illustrated books at the recent National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne) Art Book Fair, were Lyn Ashby & Peter Lyssiotis. Some of their work is here.

KISS – A Book of Conjugations /

37 Spaces: the Puzzle of an Epiphany /

Ideo(t) Grammatica /


Twenty Minutes /


The Sky is Forever Rushing /

 Particle Physics /

I Decline Myself

I Decline Myself

All above by books by Lyn Ashby: http://www.lynashby.com/Gallery.html




p_lyssiotis_04_696x348Men of Flowers book /

The Ifs of Language /

A Gardener at Midnight: Travels in the Holy Land - 5

A Gardener at Midnight: Travels in the Holy Land, 2004 / & some of Peter Lyssiotis’ prints below:

UntitledMemory Album (Death) /

UntitledMemory Album (Portraits) /

Memory Album (The City), Digital print /

Digital print /

In front of one of his digital print hanging in the State Library of Victoria /

Peter Lyssiotis: photographer/photomonteur, filmmaker, writer & book artist.  (His work discovered over various sites. For a little more on him see:  http://ideasondesign.net/speakers/speakers/peter-lyssiotis/).  He will be exhibiting ‘Where are the Originals? Once were Photographs’ at Deakin University, Melbourne, in October 2015.

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