Gantous Arquitectos continued: residential work, a concert hall modernization & a sculptural environment. Post 2 of 2. A link to their site is under Blogroll.

Calderón de la barca 114, Mexico /

Palace of Fine Arts: “Flagship concert hall of the City of Mexico needed corrective innovations & technical modernization after decades of incomplete & insufficient measures renovations. GA co-ordinated with local & international experts machinery & theatrical lighting, acoustics, energy reflected & isoptic (as well as architectural historians ) to enhance the experience of the public, the auditorium equipped with advanced technologies, retrieve & install the finished gardens Adamo Boari originally imagined by the early twentieth century. A spectacular band shell stands as centerpiece & original creation of the company for the project, which also included the design of boxes, chairs, armchairs & finishes” /

QB House, Mexico /

Santa Ana House, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico  /

ML House /

Wings sculpture, Campeche, Mexico:  a sculptural environment that GA created in collaboration with artist Javier Marin. The proposal is to install beyond the coast a couple of giant bird wings , framed by local stone roads , embankments , urban design furnishings and dramatic lighting

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