A selection of the extraordinary range of tiles & surface finishes available from De Ferranti, based in the UK. See Blogroll for a link.

 Etched / embossed tiles /

Lattice Dot of the Haveli Collection of painted tiles by Neisha Crosland /

Z Stripe of the Haveli Collection of painted tiles /

Marbre handpainted using sponging and marbling techniques /

Pollen from the Havelli Collection /

Fleur, Bone & Horn parquetry inlay /

Ezel Bistre hand painted tile /

Charcoal glazed & fired Delft tile /

Zeepbel Bistre 2 Delft /

Sticky Toffee Gothic ceramic encaustic tiles /

Zimbabwe, African clay tiles  /

Diamanti crystal tiles /

Gesso faced fabric to use on walls or furniture -Tortoise shell damask /

Chocolate paviers of leather /

Zulu leather briquettes/

German silver parquet de Versailles /

Hammered silver & paktong briquettes /

Bevelled Mirror tiles /

Cast copper pebble metal mosaics /

Bitter Chocolate limestone /

Crackle Rosa Abalone Shell /

Terracotta Sienna Mattone Terra di Sienna

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