AEPPAS20* has begun a programme of visits & lectures on 20 of Spain’s most symbolic buildings. The 1st, held in January, was on the restoration of the floating, glazed, tower, the Castelar Building by Rafael de La-Hoz (Jnr.). A video of the tower’s construction process is here.

*Spanish Association for the Protection of the Architectural Heritage of the Twentieth Century. Click on the heading ‘Reccordos’ (‘Walking’) for ‘Building Castelar’.  The building was designed by architects Raphael De La-Hoz & Gerardo Olivares  & completed in 1986.

 Castelar Tower construction process: vídeo by Nuria Gómez del Campillo & Eduardo Hernández del Caz about the construction process of Castelar Tower in Madrid, ‘an icon of structural glass facades’. Thanks to Josemi Rico Martinez for its source /


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