MOAB, of Guidonia, Italy, individualise bathroom furniture by, for example, surrounding a basin in brass or installing door pulls projecting above a cabinet door. See Blogroll for a link.

See MOAB’s most recent developments, including a brass surround to the basin: click on their Product News: News Salone del Mobile Milano 2014 pdf /

Door (cabinet doors)  /

Industrial Line of steel painted washbasins, light tops of pierced sheet-metal, re-used and bleached wood /

Zero20: geometrical shaped basins using alternative materials: refinished cement, prefinished lime, new/re-used wood, burnished metal (copper & brass) & wired glass (doors) /

Prefinished cement shower trays /

Strip ‘bar system for accessories that changes depth in order to hold the accessories’ /




Elle ‘line of wall hung and above inserted wash basins made of cement finish mortar with water-repellent’ /



Elledue:  ‘all hung wash basins made of cement treated with water-repellent’ /

Elletre synthetic cement wash basins /

Luce 10 bathroom light /

Prefinished lime cement tiles

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