Considered use of materials & byproduct made into desirable, eco-friendly, lights, furniture & accessories of Lab De Stu, Melbourne. A link is under Blogroll.


POLLY POPPER - 1000 Chairs

Polly Popper pendant of biodegradable non-toxic polymer /


Copper Popper pendant /

Image result for Lab De Stu squat stool

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TBC Chair tube bent frame available in chrome, leather upholstery /

Swing Stool in sand-cast aluminium /

Polly utensils in non-toxic polymer /

Mr. Dowel Jones

Mr. Dowel Jones floor light /

Image result for Lab De Stu squat stool

Squat stool flat packed or assembled natural birch ply furniture that is available in either a bee’s wax finish, or with laminate faced radiate ply with bee’s waxed edges /

Image result for Une & Deux stool Lab De Stu

Une & Deux stool. 47 individual slices of material that self align on three internal dowel rods /

Up Up Marmo pendant /

Klag chair made from ET-21, which is of fly-ash (byproduct of coal combustion) & resin based product /

Hi Hangers /

Thimble Collection /

All Products – Dowel Jones

Blossom Pendant - 1000 Chairs

Blossom Coffee Table | Ninetwofive Interiors

Blossom Pendant and Blossom Table /

Bradley Hooper Side Table by Dowel Jones

Bradley Hooper Side Table

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