Adaptive building wall, roof & shading systems from ADI (Adaptive Building Initiative) are not new but this is a little compilation. See Blogroll for a link to the *Hoberman Associates site.

Adaptive Building Initiative is a joint venture between Buro Happold and Hoberman Associates (Chuck Hoberman) *Please note that since posting this information in 2015, this work seems to be now under the auspices of Hoberman Associates. 12/04/16/

Image result for Tessellate™ and ZIRA™ façade mockup for KAFD Spas

Tessellate™ and ZIRA™ façade mockup for KAFD Spas /

Adaptive Building Intitiative's adaptive building systems

Simons Center for Geometry & Physics, Stony Brook University, New York, in collaboration with A Zahner & Co.  ‘ABI’s Tessellate™ system, the installation serves both as the building’s artistic centerpiece and as a functional piece of shading seamlessly integrated within its south-facing glass façade.’ /

Adaptive Fritting™ (Harvard GSD)  Harvard University Graduate School of Design” ‘ a dynamic installation that premiered ABI’s original invention.  Adaptive Fritting™ builds on the practice of standard fritting with the addition of real-time dynamic motion via motorized control’ /

Adaptive Shading Esplanade, Building Centre Trust, London. 2006, Strata (There is a video on this on the Hoberman site /

Aldar Central Market, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2006-2010, Permea. ‘Using the Adaptive Building Initiative’s Permea system, Hoberman Associates developed several exterior shading roofs in three public squares within the retail complex.’

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