Ainsley Hillard’s haze-like weave installations of her delicate textiles. She lives in Llandeilo, Wales. See Blogroll for a link to her site.

Ainsley Hillard

Ainsley Hillard Folds – Jacquard WeaveFolds Jacquard Weave (detail) /

Ainsley Hillard | Folds

Folds – Site referential Installation – Ceramic

Folds – Detail of Individual Ceramic - Ainslie Hillard

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Folds installation- textile & ceramics /

To and Fro by Ainsley Hillard, represented by Ruthin Craft CentreTo and Fro

Ainsley Hillard - Flow ¦ 2012 Photographic images heat-transferred onto a viscose weft; hand woven, hand-dyed nylon Wales, United Kingdom

Flow /

The Window /

Ainsley Hillard Traces – Audio Textile Installation -combines traditional skills with new technology -memory, space and place

Ainsley Hillard. photographic images of objects such as chapel chairs, reading tables and books communicate a shared sense of history, an irrecoverable past. These images are transfigured into woven structures through a process of heat-transfer on to the transparent viscose weft prior to then being hand-woven through a nylon monofilament warp. The images, once woven into structural forms, connect with one another and once installed allow an overlapping fabric.

Ainsley Hillard - Past Projects

Installation /Gosodiad: "Traces" Ainsley Hillard

Ainsley Hillard Trained as a tapestry weaver and now combines traditional skills and new techonology, textile and non-textile materials to connect memory, space and place.

Traces installation /

Ainsley Hillard Reminiscence, 2001


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