Archiprix 2015: entries from graduates of architecture worldwide with concepts arising from a wellspring of sociological, political, cultural & environmental concerns. See Blogroll for a link.

A small selection of the entries are here:

Transformable Antarctic Research Facility by Sergiu Radu Pop, Institute of Architecture, University of Applied Arts,Vienna: Tutor(s): Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher, Mario Gasser, Christian Kronaus, Jens Mehlan, Robert Neumayr, Hannes Traupmann, Mascha Veech /

Green Square Library by Kym Wiseman, University of South Australia: Tutor(s): Matt Davis, Stephen Ward /

The Wind Revolution – Science from the end of the world,  Master plan and insertion of the scientific and technological pole in Río Grande by Alvaro Daniel Sandoval, Carola Emma Vestidelli, Universidad Nacional de Tucuman, Tucuman, Argentina:Tutor(s): Arq. Mario Fernández Bravo; Arq. Adriana Assef; Arq. Mirta Mate /

A Public Center for Water Culture at Tagus by Osman Sumer, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey: Tutor(s): Ayşen Savaş, Agnes van der Meij, Onat Öktem, Seray Türkay /
Obstacle as architecture for the Kanaalkom in Hasselt by Sibe Duijsters, Universiteit Hasselt, Belgium: Tutor(s): Guy Cleuren /
 Accessibility Of Gender In Pasar Gede Surakarta Area by Wulan Meilia Sari, Diponegoro University, Semarang, Indonesia: Tutor(s): Titin Woro Murtini, Gagoek Hardiman /
Architecture and Extreme Environment, Sandwright, by Adriana Debnarova, Vysoka skola vytvarnych umeni, Academy of Fine arts and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia: Tutor(s): Peter Stec, Marian Zervan /
de Werfhallen – craftsmanship of master and pupil creating, learning and practicing in the Van Gendthallen by Richard Blees, Academy of Architecture Arnhem, Netherlands: Tutor(s): Peter Defesche, Wim Korvinus, Ralph Brodrück, Annemariken Hilberink /
low-cost housing – balancing between the building, running and maintenance cost by Alaa Bahaeldin Mustafa, Sudan University of Science and Technology: Tutor(s): Dr. Sleem Al Zain T. Najwa AlMofti

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