Illuminative process: visual communicators, Demian Conrad Design, Lausanne, unearth historical, creative motifs, & explore old & new printing methods. See Blogroll for a link.


Artistic identity for Camerata de Lausanne, designed by Demian Conrad Design and featuring fascinating visualizations of different composers' work.:

diamond pattern, black and white:

New graphic identity of the Camerata de Lausanne & the inspiration: Ernst Chladni plates, discovered in the 1807 /

Logotype and typography created by Demian Conrad Design for Swiss contemporary furniture design and manufacturer Dadadum

Brand Identity for furniture company DADADUM /

Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, Demian Conrad, Lausanne, Switzerland.:

LUFF or Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival 2010 propoganda /

Cahiers d'Artistes (New) : DEMIAN CONRAD DESIGN:

Cahiers d'Artistes / Demian Conrad Design / "With the use of precise filters, the 4 basic offset colors, we created a series of unique, multiple and colorful posters with different outputs based on the printing process, thanks to the manipulation of paper and colors management. Resulting this engaged, collaborative and rhythmic vision of contemporary art scene":

The Cahier d’Artistes is a Pro Helvetia initiated project, promoting visual artists in Switzerland.  ‘This poster series represents the meeting point between art created by artists & word(s) written by authors as well as the visibility that an Art publication can offer’ /

Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, Demian Conrad, Lausanne, Switzerland.:



LUFF 11 (Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival) /

Almighty, an inte­rior design and home stag­ing com­pany, Identity Design by Demian Conrad Design using an inter­est­ing tech­nique. The pat­tern of organic shapes adorn­ing the printed pieces were cre­ated through Suminagashi mar­bling, an ancient Japanese tech­nique of dec­o­rat­ing paper with inks floated on water. Check the link to see a video.:

Corporate Identity for Almighty, a company specializing in interior design: using the Japanese technique of Suminagashi marbling to develop organic shapes, reflecting the company’s flexibility /

Demian Conrad Design:

DEMIAN CONRAD DESIGN, for Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival:

LUFF 12:  a psychedelic revival

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