The “Out of the Ordinary” Exhibition showcases the work of 9 contemporary Korean architectural practices. A link to the Cass Faculty (London Metropolitan University) is under Blogroll (see Out of the Ordinary).

Please note that the projects shown here may not necessarily be on display in this exhibition /

Seongsan Tunnel by Lokal Design: /

Ucchin Museum & Steel Lady House by Chae-Pereira Architects:  /

Namhae Cheo-ma House & Herma Park Building by Joho Architecture: /

Rest Hole in the University of Seoul / UTAA

Rest Hole in the University of Seoul & Fortune Pinocchio art experience space by UTAA Company:

The ABC Building & The Museum of War and the Women’s Human Rights by WISE Architecture:

스타덤 엔터테인먼트

“19th Hole” as CJ Hole, Golf Club, Cheju Island & Stardom Entertainment Office by D.LIM Architects: /

Travellers’ convenience stop, Wandoeup, Wando Island, Jeallanam-do Province, Korea by Oujae Architects:

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