Industria Home’s rustic, wrought iron, furniture. Selecting what appeals. They are based in the Philippines with distributors in Italy, Thailand, Singapore. See Blogroll for a link.

Updated 13/01/16Cubico - Coffee Table.jpg

Cubico Coffee Table /


Batibot - Chair_1.jpg

Batibot Chair /


Hudson Side Table /


Hudson Morphi Shelf /

Nuvo Twig - Side Table.jpg

Nuvo Twig Side Table /

Bordeaux - Chairs.jpg


Bordeaux Lounge Chair /

Cubico - Dining Chairs_2.jpg

Cubico Dining Chair /

Flutty - Candle Light Medium.jpg


Flutty Candy Pendant Light /



Jurgensen Lounge /

Basilica - Coffee Table_1.jpg

Basilica Coffee Table /

Umpire - Chairs.jpg


Umpire Chair /

Ciclo - Main.jpg

Ciclo Coffee Table /

Hudson - Dining Chair.jpg


The Hudson Dining Chair

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