BlingCrete surface-reflective concrete with its embedded glass ‘microspheres’. A German innovation. A link is under Blogroll.

‘The reflecting surface is activated depending on the position of surface, natural or artifical light source, and the viewer’ / BlingCrete will be shown at BAU 2015, Mid January in Munich, along with Dyscrete (electrified, integrated photovoltaic, concrete, currently in research) and Touchcrete (touch sensitive, conductive, concrete – in research)

Changing from a passive... an active state

BlindCres was the winner of the International Tunneling & Underground Spaces Award 2014 /

BlingCrete™ – Giant Seating Furniture for Student’s Residential Complex

Applications for BlingCrete /

BlingCrete™ anthracite + flux

BlingCrete anthracite + flux (retroreflective) /

BlingCrete™ anthracite + tight grid

BlingCrete anthractie + tight grid /

BlingCrete™ anthracite + random

BlingCrete anthracite + random /

BlingCrete™ green + random

BlingCrete green + random /

BlingCrete™ yellow + random

BlingCrete yellow + random /

BlingCrete™ black + tight grid

BlingCrete black + tight grid /

BlingCrete™ creme + writing

BlingCrete creme + writing

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