Experiment via installation: USA architectural studio, Aranda\Lasch, researchers & builders. Some of their furniture is also here. See Blogroll for a link.

Rules of Six installation 3d mounted installation & digital installation, New York with material scientist Matthew Scullin.  Ode to Wilson Bentley who photographed snowflakes.  video at  http://arandalasch.com/works/rules-of-six/

Quasi Screen, Las Vegas – Stair Enclosure for private residence /

Yeasayer Stage Environment, Yeasayer’s Fragrant World Tour using mirrored crystalline instrument tables . custom visuals designed by Reas, Yoshi Sodeoka and Aaron Meyers, all orchestrated by projectionist Nick Gould.  The project was commissioned by the Creator’s Project /

The Morning Line, installed in Istanbul, Vienna, Karlsruhe, (Germany) collaboration with the artist Matthew Ritchie and Daniel Bosia of Arup’s AGU and was commissioned by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary /

Camouflage View, Grand-Metis, Quebec, Canada

Quasicabinet /

Camouflage Screen

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