Peter Burr is an artist / animator from Brooklyn, NY. Some of his striated, richly patterned, animation is here. A link to his site is under Blogroll.

Peter Burr is founder of Cartune Xprez, an animation project that has toured through 20 countries over the past 5 years, /

Above from “Bear in Heaven” Autumn video: /

REVIEW: The Wrong Biennial Claims a Stake for Net Art




day animated GIF


MWM:  interactive neurofeedback installation. Two visitors enter the machine wearing headsets that allow them to control the narrative flow of their zone through sound and projection feedback. The MWM is presented by the Science Chamber of the Marina Abramovic Institute in collaboration with Suzanne Dikker, Matthias Oostrik, Diedrik Schoorl, and Matthew Patterson Curry /

Peter Burr, Special Effect, courtesy the artist

Experiment In Live Cinema Based On Tarkovsky’s Stalker: Special Effect.. Plus Green / Red:   Go to: /

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