His novel approach: Hans Tan is a designer & educator in Singapore. A selection of his products & one-off pieces are here. See Blogroll for a link to his site.

Perforated Polypropylene DIY chair /

Striped Ming Nos.3,4,5 & 6 – Porcelain vases /

Spring Tray /

Striped Ming No. 2 – modified porcelain vase /

Spotted Nyonya Plate /

Spotted Nyonya Teapot /

Spotted Nyonya Dish /

Spotted Nyonya Vessel & Cover /

Spotted Nyonya Vessel Cover /

Petrified Victoria is a family of Victorian silverware dishes seemingly cast in solid surface (LG HI-MACS®). Each piece is individually CNC machined from a slab of material. Preserved like fossils, the imprints reflect the latent capacity of archetypical forms in leaving perpetual impressions on our mental faculties. /

Curious Translucent lamp /

Portrait of a Lamp, Lamp /

Idea of a Clock /

Placement Paperback /

Burnt Blossoms. A flower blooms from the burnt mark left behind by an abandoned iron, withers reluctantly as it fades into countless washes

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