Just a small selection of facade materials that have popped up on my radar 2013/14. Links are contained in the post.

Casting & pressing of metals, concrete & glass>  moving towards raw & non-patterned /

Image result for axes facades cast aluminium

Cast bronze /

Image result for axes facades cast aluminium

Cast Aluminium /

All above from Axis Facades http://www.facades.com/cast-aluminum (representation in Europe & USA) /

Crystal House by MVRDV

Crystal House by MVRDV

Cast glass facade by ABT’s engineers /

But the decorative still has a hold:  Cast aluminium tiles by David Umeto, Montreal:   http://www.davidumemoto.com/301414/metal /

Paul Smith Albemarle Street store facade by 6a Architects

Paul Smith Albemarle Street store facade by 6a Architects

Paul Smith Albemarle Street store facade by 6a Architects

Cast iron: Paul Smith store London by 6a Architects:  http://www.6a.co.uk/  /


Gnome Carpark by Mei Architects, Rotterdam, developed a transparent material that could be pressed with pattern:  http://www.mei-arch.eu/ /

Helping birds move around in our metropolises: Bird protection glass from Ornilux allows the birds to see a frit on glass which we cannot see. Go to their website for an explanation:  http://www.ornilux.com/ /



Homeostatic Facade by Decker Yeadon, USA  (also in a post 12/6/14).  A self-regulating façade system designed to automatically adjust to suit changing exterior environments, such as sunlight and temperature variations. It operates on natural principles to keep interior conditions in check. http://materia.nl/article/homeostatic-facade-system/  /


Studio Marco Vermeulen, bio-based facade, The Horticultural Development Company, hemp composite, bioresin, cubic gas transfer station, dutch architecture

Hemp & Hempcrete: reinstated:  Biobased façade on the Gasontvangst Station, the Netherlands by Studio Marco Vermeulen & NPSP Composites.  Using a special bioresin combined with hemp fibres.  Panels are made of Nabasco, or NAtural BASed COmposites. The panels are finished in a brown, opaque coating. http://marcovermeulen.eu/  http://www.npsp.nl/ /

Image result for hempcrete

Image result for hempcrete

Hemp & Hempcrete: reinstated:  ‘The industrial hemp plant has a tough woody stem, which is chopped up into short pieces of various sizes called ‘hurd’, and when combined with a simple lime binder, undergoes a pozzolanic reaction, effectively petrifying, or turning to concrete.’  http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/02/03/hempcrete-worlds-strongest-building-material/




Fibrecement is not new but Equitone showcases the design flexibility of this product:’Most Equitone façade materials are not treated with artificial colour coatings, giving the through (sic) coloured materials a raw, unfinished character.’     http://www.equitone.com/asia/

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