Horm.it, in Pasiano, Italy, has cultivated its stable of designers of furniture – Toyo Ito, Steven Holl, Partizia Bertolini, amongst others – since 1989. See Blogroll for a link.

Ripples Bench  & Ripples like a River by Toyo Ito /

Bifronte Side Table by Toyo Ito /

Plywood Riddled Chandelier & Standing Lamp by Steven Holl /

Twist coat hanger by Burtscher & Bertolini /

SOTTILETTO by Burtscher & Bertolini /

Ray Armchair by Orlandini Design /

Capriata extendable table by Carlo Cumini /

J-Table by Jean Francois Gomrée /

StH Stool by StH /

Blend storage /

BlaBla Sofa by Meneghello Paolelli Associati /

Carlos Sideboard by Renato Zamberlan /

Numero 3 Standing Lamp by Patrizia Bertolini

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