A kitchen knife as a thing of beauty. A selection from Japan, Israel, Belgium, France, Denmark & the USA.

Ohishi Hammer /

Asai Knives /

Masakage Kiri Petty 120mm

Masakage Kiri Petty Knife 120mm /


Yoshikane by Mr. Tsuneo Yoshida /

You will enjoy the leverage the long handle provides.

Rada Cutlery kitchen knives /

Masakage Mizu Santoku 165mm

Masakage Mizu Santoku Knife 165mm /

Mia Schmallenbach’s Nesting Knives /

Bob Kramer’s 10″ Chef (Euro Style) Straight Carbon Steel, Dyed Big Leaf Handle

8″ Chef Prana Mosaic Damascus with Curly Koa Handle /

8″ Chef (Meiji Style – RH) Milky Wave Mosaic Damascus, Snakewood Handle /

10″ Chef Pulsar Mosaic Damascus with Snakewood Handle /

8″ Chef, Traditional Octagonal Handle, Mosaic Damascus, Double Dyed Big Leaf Maple Handle /
5 Rob Kramer knives above /

Florentine Kitchen Knives /

Eva Trio’s Orca Knives

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